The GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer Footage was Taken From the PS3 Version


Yesterday, Rockstar Games finally released the first glimpse of actual gameplay footage from the upcoming GTA 5. As showcased in the video below this post, this gameplay footage showcases various new features and gameplay mechanics that will be featured in GTA 5.

Seeing that this game has only been confirmed for two platforms thus far, this being the PS3 and Xbox 360, fans of this title were obviously anxious to know what platform this gameplay footage was taken from.

In response to this, Rockstar Games gave the confirmation in the comment section on the video post that stated that this footage was taken from the PS3 version of GTA 5. “Just to clarify for those asking, this particular video was captured with footage from the PS3 version of the game.”

With this information, it appears that Rockstar Games is using the PS3 has GTA 5‘s lead platform. Although this information has not been commented on by Rockstar, but it would be natural to showcase this type of footage on the platform that is performing better.

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