GTA 5 Vehicle and Weapon Customization Features Detailed


Are you still psyched about the customization features that were showcased in the recent official gameplay video for GTA 5?

If so, you should be interested to know that we have received a few more details about customizations in this upcoming title.

According to an interview with Rockstar Games by GameInformer, customization will play a huge role in GTA 5. Speaking on the subject, it has been confirmed that Ammunation will be making a return, but now players will have the option to customize their weapons. “The player has access to a wide range of modifications, such as extended clips that allow you to fire more ammo between reloads, grips to improve your accuracy, weapon tints to color your guns, flashlights, scopes, and suppressors.”

Another feature that was shown during this gameplay demonstration was the ability to customize cars, which has been one of the most requested features for this title. In doing so, Rockstar intends to use of this implementation in much more depth with GTA 5.

Pay & Spray will be replaced by LS Customs, where players can take their vehicles and customize them. “In addition to the many cosmetic customization alterations such as body kits, paint jobs/finishes, wheels, exhaust tips, window tints, tire smoke color, bull-bars, extra lights, and lots of other extra accessories, we have modifications that will affect gameplay and vehicle performance. Some of the modifications that affect gameplay include brakes, engine tuning, suspension, horns, bulletproof tires, panel armor, and of course, a general repair!”

GTA 5 is currently scheduled for a release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17.

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