Final Fantasy XIV Isn’t Coming to Xbox 360 or Xbox One


Naoki Yoshida, during an interview with RPGsite, explained why Final Fantasy XIV players on the PS3, PS4 and PC can play together but wont be joined by the Xbox 360 or Xbox One anytime soon.

Microsoft’s policy, that Xbox users would require a dedicated server of their own, would divide the players, something that the team was eager to avoid.

“The policy has not changed on Microsoft’s side,” he revealed. “The main reason from our side is that I don’t want the community to be divided; to be split into two or more. For example, one player might be on the PC version, another might be on the PS4 version, and I’m playing the Xbox version – but we’re not able to join the same game servers. That is just… I just don’t like the idea. I disagree with it.”

“To be frankly honest with you, there are now so many mobile devices, smart phones, everything — why would you ever just stick to one platform from the hardware aspect? Just — make it open to everyone? That’s my opinion.”

“I would love for as many players as possible to enjoy the game worldwide, so from a business point of view it could make sense to have it on the Xbox platforms. But as I mentioned earlier, that would bring about the tragedy that somebody might have to give up their existing character. Then players might get frustrated, and then they ask us – ‘Square Enix, can’t you do something?’ and then… yeah. Unless that happens, we can’t really do anything.”

Unless Microsoft make moves to change their Xbox Live policies, it seems unlikely that Final Fantasy XIV will be making the jump anytime soon.

What do you think of cross-platform play? Would you be happy to get your hands on the game, even without being able to party up with those rival PS3 players?


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