Team Fortress 2 has Yet Another Huge Free Update Incoming

ss_c57ce89c45c0c93ddf4ef92c133870c9d02757cb.1920x1080Team Fortress 2 was released in 2007, the year is now 2013 and PC TF2 fans are still unbelievably receiving a steady stream of new free updates from both the developers and the community. Forget consoles, at this rate TF2 is well on its way to having its own 10-year life cycle.  This time around the Team Fortress 2 team is focusing on updating the current roster of maps in order to fight exploits and unintended gameplay as a result of the hordes of new game changing items released throughout the years. After the update is live, spawn camping and roof sentries should be a thing of the past. In their latest blog post ,instead of threatening the ban-hammer, the Team Fortress 2 team was able to have a little fun looking back at the exploits nostalgically, but made it very clear that they are on the way out.

“While we love players coming up with new and inventive ways to win, let’s face it: It’s never fun to be gunned down from above and behind.” “By eliminating these exploits and bugs, players can once again feel like they understand threats and the dangers presented in combat spaces.”

Valve TF2: Move Those Maps Up Update

The TF2 team have yet to release all of what they have planned for the update into the wild, but the blog post also touches on some new content in addition to the updates to the older maps. Two new community maps, Capture Point Process and Capture Point Standin, will be added to map rotation.”These maps were selected by the TF2 team in part for their straightforward and intuitive layouts, and in part because they were a hell of a lot of fun to play. These CP maps were designed with little visual noise, were easy to understand and fun to navigate through.”

The patch notes for this update are supposedly going to be “longer than a stalemate on Hydro.”, so as more information about the update is released we will bring it to you. There is currently no firm release date for the update.


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