Pokemon X and Y: New Steel/Ghost-type Pokemon Honedge Announced


As we approach closer to the 10/12/13 worldwide release of Pokemon X and Y, Game Freak continues to drip feed new information to Pokemon fans. This past week we learned about Honedge, a possessed sword that uses its attached blue hilt in order to drain the energy of its foes.

Its typing, Steel/Ghost, is the first of its kind and has the potential to be a very powerful combination in Pokemon X and Y. Not counting the new Fairy type, Honedge has only two weaknesses (Fire and Ground) and has 3 immunities (Fighting, Normal, and Poison). Fighting type Pokemon and maneuvers are currently very popular in the competitive Pokemon scene and are usually the bane of the defensive Steel types, so pairing it up with the Ghost type should prove to be very effective. To sweeten the pot even further, it has been confirmed that Honedge will have access to the (surprise, surprise) powerful Swords Dance maneuver which quickly raises the attack stat of a Pokemon by two stages.

Game Freak also released a new trailer to coincide with their announcement of Honedge for Pokemon X and Y which you can check out right below. It is about five minutes long and provides insight on why Game Freak chose France to be the inspiration behind the new Kalos region and shows off some of the new Pokemon set to debut in X and Y. If you’re just interested in checking out Honedge, skip ahead to the 4 minute mark.


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