Battlefield 4 to Possibly Bring Keyboard and Mouse Support to PS4


With the introduction of the Battlefield franchise on next-generation consoles, Battlefield 4 looks to provide a greater depth of functionality than what Battlefield 3 brought to the Xbox 360 and PS3. In doing so, it appears that DICE is actually looking into the possibility of bringing support for the keyboard and mouse into the PS4 version of this title.

According to a report by AusGamers, DICE will at least consider bringing keyboard and mouse support to the PS4 version of Battlefield 4. “We have mouse and keyboard support for the PC obviously, but I can’t speak now specifically for next gen consoles. But if it makes sense in the Battlefield universe, for a Battlefield game, we’ll consider it.”

It is very well known throughout the PC gaming community that the keyboard and mouse layout provides much more precision when dealing with game genres such as first-person shooters. In gaining support for the keyboard and mouse on the PS4 version of Battlefield 4, this advantage has to be taken into consideration with providing such functionalities.

Do you think keyboard and mouse support for Battlefield 4 on the PS4 will create an unfair advantage against DualShock 4 users? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  1. Am not a fan of this – mouse/kb is far too accurate relative to a controller due to its far more casual and accessible nature (there’s far less physical restrictions on aiming with a mouse, both relative to a controller and IRL – imo, it’s the least realistic controller for shooters available, and fine for ‘shoot and giggle’ arcade affairs like Doom, Quake and TF2, but the BF series has always had some pretension of realism). If they did it, and didn’t separate (ranked – no worries with mixed unranked) servers based on input method, it’d be like letting people with assists on (mouse/kb) and assists off (controller) play in the same race in a sim racer.

    • I have to believe they will separate out mouse users

    • well technically, in most sims those “assists” slow down the experienced racers 😉 I’m just being an ass lol. your point is very true. it would be unbalanced.

      • Well said – sorry, was in a rush and couldn’t think of a better example off the top of my head ;). As you say, main thing was point of it being unbalanced.

  2. I just hope we can play against PC player with a PS4 so I can play with my friends who won’t buy a PS4 at lauch. Maybe PS4 KB/M player could match with PC player and other KB/M PS4 user and DS4 player could match with other DS4 player so it’s fair for everyone.

  3. I love the idea, but Controller Players and Mouse/Keyboard players will be split in 2. Forcing you to either buy a mouse and keyboard or risk getting destroyed by PC players. Microsoft tired this in the Beta Stages of Xbox 360. Controller players could not keep up, forcing Microsoft to forget the idea. Still, this would how ever bring more PC gamers to console if Sony & PS4 support mouse and keyboard for all shooters, RTS, and other games. I like to have the option at least…

    • Sony should bring over some kb/m real time strategies, that would be very very nice.

      Total War dev is making a PS4 game so that is promising at least.

      • If I was Sony I would add mouse and keyboard to PS4. Specially for Real Time Strategie Games and Shooters. PC gamers wouldn’t have to break the bank building a expensive gaming PC. $400 PS4 PC is nice don’t you think?

  4. Just proving that the PoS4 is a vastly inferior PC. GFY $0ny!

  5. Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 had the option of a mouse and keyboard and it worked very well. If I remember correctly you could specify the input controller for online matches; Pad, M/KB or mixed.

  6. controller players are done for if this works properly, but i doubt it

  7. They could balance it out by adding a more effective aim assist for the controllers, and obviously none for the Keyboard and mouse. 🙂

  8. P.C GAMERS most anyway will never go to console.I know many p.c. gamers would kick console gamers any day of the week. The Death Of The PC. never. i know most of us are right now upgrading right now way beyond what a console will ever do for at least the next 5 years.

  9. Keyboard and mouse should be allowed just as wheels and joystick are allowed in games like GT5. The “unfair advantage” is mostly subjective because people will always have different preferences. I you feel that you will play better on the k&m, THEN USE IT!! Everyone own a mouse and keyboard. I play with a M&K on the ps3 BF3 using the amazing eagle eye by penguin united (although flying and driving still sucks). I don;t own everyone. I am just as average as I was on PC. People have a THEORY that people will never have the same precision with a controller, but I have EXPERIENCED in PS3 game play that this is not true. Lastly, if their are devices like eagle eye selling in the thousands, than there is enough people that obviously want it bad enough to shell out another $60 for this adapter. PLEASE BRING K&M SUPPORT TO ALL FPS on PS4!!!

  10. people….let me shine the light for you about this unfair advantage… the controller is inferior, we all know this..if one chooses the controller that is their own fault..they have the option to use a K/M !!!!! they are not forced in this disadvantage…if they are diehard enough to give a shit they will use a keyboard…simple…

  11. Not sure why so many oppose this…if it’s so unfair because it’s a much better input method why don’t people just buy a mouse/kb and use it themselves instead of complaining. You can get a basic kb/m combo for way less price than a new dualshock controller.

  12. Keyboard and Mouse seems like a step back in terms of technology…what happened to MOVE ? That had a lot of potential but was vasterly underused because of the developers not bothering to implement. It made those few games that used it much more interactive.
    Another point about K/M I play my PS3 whilst sat on the sofa/couch I have no desire to have to sit to a table or desk to play.

  13. Just about everyone owns a computer, so stop your ball yankin’ and being lazy and take the keyboard and mouse from your computer and hook it to the PS4….. So tired of mouthy childish lazy whiners.