Titanfall Will Maintain 60FPS, But May Run at Sub-1080p Resolution


Additional details about the upcoming title, Titanfall, from Respawn Entertainment, has revealed that the title will be running at 60 frames per second at all times on all platforms, as they have revealed that they are using a “60fps first” template for this upcoming title.

While this title is currently only scheduled for release on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, Respawn’s Richard Baker has made it clear that a PS4 release for Titanfall is “definitely not out of the question.”

Going into more detail about the maintenance of 60 frames per second into this title, it is explained that “not a single frame is repeated over the four minute stretch, producing a monotone reading at the head of the frames-per-second axis. Having double-checked many thousands of these frames by eye after the automated pass, we can confirm that it runs with v-sync engaged at full-blast 60fps regardless of the intensity during battle.”

Due to the goal of achieving 60FPS at all times, it seems that Respawn may have had to sacrifice the overall resolution of the game, resulting in Titanfall not running at a full 1080p resolution.

“It’s the uncanny facial animations during NPC briefings, the rough-looking textures on Titan interiors and billboards, and what seem like scaling artifacts that betray either Titanfall’s early development status, or its commitment to being about gameplay first, appearances second. The jaggies are a curious point in particular; even judged by the high quality feed we have availability direct from the Microsoft E3 conference there’s more sub-pixel shimmering and rough edges than any other game on show, which suggests this may not be a full-blown 1080p title in its current state. From what Respawn has announced so far, the 60fps bullet-point is proudly announced, but it remains tight-lipped on what native resolution is intended for the final game.”


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