World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition: Hands On and First Impressions!


Over the past few days I’ve been hard at work playing the beta for World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition. After about 10 hours of playing I think I can give an overall preview of the game and how exactly it held up while being changed for the consoles.

For the most part, the game is what you see on PC. When you start it up you have your garage, tech-tree, and store available to you. In the garage you can customize the tanks you already own, but, unlike the PC version you buy your upgrades in “packages” in which the game has preset engines and guns for you to use, rather than you choosing freely which engine you want with each gun like in the PC version.  Now, although this is a minor disappointment, it didn’t bug me and other players of the game too much.

In the beta we only have two tech trees. Tech trees are how you unlock new tanks in the game, like you would with a skill tree in a MMORPG. At the moment we only have the United States, and the Nazi Germany tech tree. After messing around with both from what I can tell the tank stats work out the same way they do on PC  with the exception of a few tanks  that seem a little more over powered then I remember them being in their PC counterpart.

Where World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition really shines is within the gameplay.  Wargaming did an amazing job making the game work on a Xbox 360 controller. Now, is it harder then PC controls? Yes, a little bit, but,  they did a remarkable job making the controls actually feel like you are driving a tank. I would even argue that the gameplay itself is better than it’s PC counterpart.

Unfortunately, the beta is pretty bare-bones at the moment. There are no consumables, there are only two tech trees, we only have the Standard Battle Mode and Encounter Battles, and there’s only 3 maps.  I can’t really tell you to much about the game because there is so much that is going to be added in the future.  What I can tell you right now is World Of Tanks Xbox 360 edition is probably one of the better ports I’ve ever seen. You can tell they really made it a priority to make the game just as good on console as it is on PC and holy crap did they succeed.

World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition doesn’t have a release date yet but is set to be open to the public sometime this summer.

If you want access to the beta click on over to the official World Of Tanks website and grab a code.

Have a good day everyone.

– Gavin Olsen

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