PS4 Price Decision was Not Made in Response to Microsoft, Says Tretton

Jack Tretton, the face of all things Playstation at E3 and the PS4 announcement explained how rumors their pricing was as a direct result of the Xbox One’s $499 (£429) are completely false.

Jack Tretton

In an interview with IGN’s Greg Miller he explained how it was laughable:

“A multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporation makes those decisions months and months in advance. We felt we had a great value proposition that people would respond to but you don’t know how you’re going to be positioned against your competition. We felt good about it regardless of where our competition came in, but lower is better than higher, we learned that with PlayStation 3.”

Sony not only appears to be learning from past mistakes on restrictive hardware and their presentations at events such as E3, but also on pricing which restricted a number of buyers from purchasing the PlayStation 3.

Tretton also went on to say that the new PlayStation Eye was not taken out in order to beat Microsoft on pricing but that the option to use motion controls should be just that, optional.

It should be a choice for both developers and consumers.” He stated, going on to say “To force every consumer to have one on day one, when some of them may be on a limited budget – and don’t necessarily have the interest in it. Ends up coming short in terms of things people can get excited about.”

So it seems Sony are focusing on developers and consumers in their quest to make the PS4 a success and have been designing the console and pricing structure based on fan and developer feedback to create packages to suit all, even those on limited budgets. The omission of the Eye for these reasons are yet another shot at Microsoft who are insisting all Xbox One consoles require the Kinect camera in order to run.

As a final swipe at Sony’s rivals, Tretton was asked about Xbox’s One Eighty (sorry, can’t resist doing it!)  on DRM policies which he replied:

“We spent 5 years listening to consumers, day in and day out. So, better late than never, I guess they got the message.”

What do you think about motion controls or lack of them? Do you still think Sony directly responded to Microsoft at E3? Drop us a comment below or tweet us.

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  1. Everyone knows that they lower their price in response to Microsoft. If Sony gave their E3 show that day earlier it would have been a different story. Sony played their cards well, they know they are competing against a Titan. The price drop has certainly given them a push. I am sure Microsoft will offer similar prices soon .

  2. Adam Schneider

    I mean companies make decisions on the fly about what to do according to the competition all the time. Xbox removed it’s DRM policy because of Sony’s lack of one. To think that a company wouldn’t undershoot a competitor if the company didn’t believe that it would give them a huge advantage, your wrong. I believe Sony had a DRM policy and decided to nix it because they knew it would make Xbox look evil. Sony is playing a very smart and aggressive game. I for one don’t know which console to get but Sony has won in the regard they have made consumers question Microsoft, and think about Sony.