‘The Division’ Mission Layout, Clan System, and PVP detailed by Ubisoft


At this year’s E3 conference it’s no lie that Ubisoft blew the crowd away with their new IP ” Tom Clancy’s The Division”.  It seems to be an open world rpg shooter with stunning graphics and engaging cooperative gameplay. That being said, its very hard to tell what exactly the game is, and what exactly is going on during the trailer.

In an interview with IGN Division developers Nicklas CederStrom, and  Ryan Barnard give us some more details on what exactly is going on in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

They explain that The Division takes place in a world after whats known as ” The Dark Winter” in which humanity is on the brink of survival, you play as an agent that whose goal is to save what is left of humanity.

They also explain the way missions work in which you don’t receive a mission from specific characters. But instead you bring up an overview of your map and just kind of see what’s going on in New York City, and from there you decide to either go safe a group of hostages, or go stop a bandit raid.

They then go on to explain the following,

  • The Division will be faction based, the player will encounter multiple factions around the world they can choose to help or destroy.
  • PVP will be tied in seamlessly to the PVE. Meaning that you can be out doing a mission and at any point other players can just walk up to you and attack you.
  • Games’ “companion app”, ( The app in which you see “Chris” come in as an AR drone) will be available on many platforms including android devices.
  • The Clan System will be very extensive and be based around internet browsers. ( Such as Battlelog )

The Division is confirmed for the Xbox One, and PS4. PC is still being considered.

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