Halo 4 Monday Update Adds New Game Types: Hivemind and Lockdown


This Monday July 1st, Halo 4 will see numerous adjustments to its War Games multiplayer mode such as a variety of new game types , the addition of community created Forge maps, and adjustments to already existing playlists. First, Big Team Skirmish will replace the sparsely populated Team Objective. Big Team Skirmish will include 8v8 versions of Team Regicide, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill. Fans of Dominion might be interested to hear about a new similar game type being added called “Lockdown.” Instead of fighting over three command points, teams will battle over control of one central base.  Bravo of Halo Waypoint, described Lockdown as “hectic, nonstop, and full of big explosions” and likened it to the “Pit of Joy” in Halo 2.

The new Flood game type “Hivemind” will also be added to matchmaking and it is designed to provide a more balanced experience for players regardless of which side they end up on. Some of the differences include requiring that the flood will land two hits instead of just one and the removal of armor abilities. Hivemind will be playable on four community forge maps: 

  • Payload by Narb Guy
  • Drillsite by Pa1nts
  • Temple by Mr Pokephile
  • Repression by Auxi Klutch

Narb Guy, the creator of the Payload map, described Hivemind in this way: “Hivemind gives humans a second chance to stay alive, while the default Flood is a one-lunge kill. This change increases the amount of time players get to spend on each map. Overall, it’s a very balanced experience for the humans and Flood.”

For the full list of adjustments and additions, as well as more information on how Hivemind came to be, check out the Halo Bulletin.


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