Hidden Images Suggest PS4 Bundle With Camera and ‘Knack’

PlayStation 4 - 'Knack' Bundle #1

Well here’s something I’ve not done in a while: rumours! Yes, PS4 rumours – or rather a PS4 rumour – are back in the field. This rumour in particular suggests that Mark Cerny’s Knack, the first PS4 title to be shown at the PS4 announcement back in February, may be bundled with the PS4 upon launch day, along with the camera included.

It’s already been confirmed that the Camera has been dropped from the PS4 bundled in order to drop its price against the Xbox One (at least, that’s the case for the foreseeable future), and – aside from the exclusive deal at GAME  – until now there hasn’t been any other mention of a game being included with the PS4.

So does this rumour hold truth? Well, actually it does. If you head over to the official PS4 page on Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s official website (PlayStation.com) you’ll see a sliding gallery of images of the PS4  taken from different angles, with some of them including the DualShock 4 and the Camera. There are 30 images in total, but if you hover your mouse cursor over the “thirtieth” image it’ll read as 33.

How can there be 33 images if only 30 are on display? Well, if you were to sift through all the images individually, you’ll notice that the images 24, 26 and 27 are missing. How were they found? Well, thanks to DualShocker’s tipster TZuck, one of those images – #24 – is this one (which is also this articles featured image), which was found by sifting through file names.

You can comfirms this for yourselves. In the gallery on PlayStation.com’s PS4 page, open up image #1 in a new tab (I’m using image #1 just for sake of consistency, you can open any one up really). The full link for image #1 is http://webassets.scea.com/e3-2013/webasset/ps4-hrdware-large1.jpg. At the end of the URL, where “large1” is, simply replace the “1” with “24” and there you have it. Images #26 and #27 were found using the exact same method.

Image #24 is of the PS4’s official boxed contents, and next to it is the game case of Knack. Image #26 is of the PS4 and a game case with a blank cover. It’s fair to deduce that the reason why it’s blank will probably be so cover artist can paste the cover art of a game onto it for promotional purposes. Lastly, image #7 is just of the PS4 with the Camera and Knack game case together.

These images have yet to be officially announced by Sony, but they are officially from Sony, and they do suggest quite strongly that Knack might be bundled with the PS4.

So, if they exist, why hasn’t Sony mentioned them? Why hasn’t Sony mentioned anything to do with supposed bundle? Likely scenarios suggest that Sony have yet to actually announced the bundle. Or maybe the bundle itself has been scrapped. If that was the case, wouldn’t the missing images have been removed entirely from PlayStation.com’s web assets? Maybe Sony don’t even want to suggest the bundle. If they didn’t, though, then why would the images still be accessible even though they are hidden?

This rumour does bring up a lot of questions. Perhaps Sony are being the big tease in all this, and maybe we’re due for an announcement soon. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

What do you think of these images suggesting ‘Knack’ might be bundled with the PlayStation 4 and Camera? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to DualShockers, PlayStation.com and Amazon. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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