Battlefield 4’s use of Levolution in multiplayer detailed


The Battlefield series has become known for the level of destruction that is featured within titles such as Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2. Through the use of destructible environments, many dynamic elements are brought into the multiplayer gameplay as the environment changes. With the upcoming release of Battlefield 4, this type of gameplay, which is called Levolution, will be taken to a completely new level.

DICE has described various aspects of the multiplayer component of the game and its use of Levolution. Speaking on the subject, the map Siege of Shanghai for Battlefield 4 was recently showcased at E3. Within this map, players will have the ability to completely destroy the skyscraper that holds one of the capture points in Conquest.

In order to do this, players will need to place C4 on each of the four pillars that are supporting the skyscraper. Once the building collapses, the capture point will be relocated and debris will feel the area, completely changing the battle environment. This is just one example of how Levolution will play out in Battlefield 4, as DICE has implemented features such as this throughout the entire game.


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