Ubisoft Explains ‘Watch Dogs’ Console Differences


In an in a round of questions fired out by GamingBolt, senior producer Dominic Guay was asked about how Ubisoft’s anticipated next-gen title Watch Dogs will look on next-gen consoles.

As you may know already, Watch Dogs is an open-world action-adventure game currently in development by Ubisoft Montreal. In Watch Dogs you are a vigilante who has the ability to hack and gain control – or destroy – various objects, such as security cameras or trains, or even an entire city block (pretty much anything with an electrical connection).

When asked about what differences will be added to PlayStation 4 version of Watch Dogs that would recommend it over current-gen consoles, Guay stated that, “First, it starts with the content itself. ‘Watch_Dogs’ strives to innovate technically but also on the front of design. While we think pushing immersion (which includes graphics) is important for our title, we do not think it is enough.

Guay continued on to say that, We believe that our efforts to push dynamism in an open world, that our efforts to connect all players together in new ways are fundamentally geared toward fostering game experience innovation. Of course it also refers to our commitment to developing the game with a mind-set on fully supporting ‘next gen hardware’.

This is true of the PS4 or other next-gen platforms using modern technology, as well as a certain range of PC hardware which offers similar capabilities. But ultimately, our engine DISRUPT has been designed to scale to different platforms. So as it supports also current gen platforms, you can expect the same game experience we want to offer with ‘Watch_Dogs’, whatever platform you will be playing on.


Previously, Jonathan Morin (Watch Dogs’ creative director) explained about how the PS4 release of Watch Dogs will include such things like visual and AI improvements, as well as “more realistic consequences” to the player’s action. Soon after that, Ubisoft confirmed that Watch Dogs will be receiving exclusive DLC across PlayStation platforms – the PS3 and PS4. With all that, coupled with what Guay has said, it’s fair to deduce that Ubisoft has picked their console for Watch Dogs.

Having all this extra on one side of the next-gen Console War is a bit unfair. What about those on the other side, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One? Luckily, GamingBolt caught on to this and asked Guay accordingly.

“The Xbox One is a powerful platform, as of now we do not foresee a major difference in on screen result between the PS4 and the Xbox One. Obviously since we are still working on pushing the game on these new consoles, we are still doing R&D.

This said, the platforms have some specificities that we are leveraging. For example, we are making use of the touchpad on the DualShock 4.”


Though his answer doesn’t cover the Xbox 360, I would be willing to put faith in Guay’s words if it wasn’t for the fact that Morin stated the the PS4 version would include various improvements.

I understand why the PS4 version would have improvements in it, considering the PS4 console itself is superior than the Xbox One (Sony believes this to be true). I would also assume that these improvements would pass over to PC too, since the more extremely powerful PCs will be able to handle what improvements of Watch Dogs on the PS4 can through at it.

Sadly the Wii U version of Watch Dogs seems to be left out in all this. Considering how under-powered the poor thing apparently is I can understand why such improvements wouldn’t pass over.

Watch Dogs will be hitting the shelves for current-gen consoles in November, and will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One when the consoles launch later this year. Having said that, it’s possible that Watch Dogs will be coming to all consoles – current- and next-gen – in November, considering the Xbox One will launch in November and the PS4 has been rumoured to launch around November too.

The build up to Christmas is going to be one hell of a ride.

What do you think of the ‘Watch Dogs’ console differences? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to GamingBolt. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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