The PlayStation 4 Camera Sacrificed to Beat Microsoft on Price

When Sony announced the PlayStation 4 would be priced at $399 (£349), it garnered them a massive applause from the audience and helped give them a big advantage over the Xbox One’s price tag of $499 (£429). Well, according to sources, Sony decided to drop their PlayStation 4 Camera as a set part of the console bundle to help lower the price.

Though this saving has helped gain Sony much support, have they doomed the accessory to oblivion?

As unpopular as the bundled Kinect sensor has been, by guaranteeing its inclusion with every sale of Xbox One, Microsoft have made sure that everyone can access its features. This gives a greater incentive for developers to take a chance with Kinect. One of the big issues that’s been faced with this generation Kinect has simply been that the sales haven’t been good enough to warrant much focus from developers. With it being less of a gamble, we should see a massive rise in the numbers of games that make use of the unique gameplay mechanics it offers.

For Sony to make the camera a $59.99 add on, they may have assigned the accessory to simply having too small a user base to really warrant any inclusion. Without the user base, developers would be taking a huge risk, leading to less option in terms of software, would in turn would put off potential adopters. It’s the exact problem they’ve faced this generation with PlayStation Move.

It also affects the intergrated LED’s on the Dualshock 4, which were designed to make use of the PlayStation camera, to help track individual players and react to in game cues. Without the cameras user base, it may be a feature that is simply forgotten about, instead acting as a reminder of Sony’s failure to support the tech.

Of course, Sony may have future plans for the camera and the Dualshock functionality and perhaps the lower price will encourage consumers to take a chance on the range of accessories, however the lack of launch day support is unquestionably going to harm what otherwise seemed an interesting evolution of the PlayStation Eye.


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