Dead Rising 3 Smartglass Functionality Details Revealed


Its no lie that Dead Rising 3 is a big exclusive for Xbox One, and to show off this big exclusive Microsoft seems to be going all out with the games integration with SmartGlass. SmartGlass, allows the game to be extended onto a touchscreen tablet device to provide a similar experience to the Nintendo console Wii U. Microsoft has made it clear that Dead Rising 3 will utilize SmartGlass, but how so?

In an interview with Siliconera, Josh Bridge ( Executive Producer ) sat down and gave us the details on how exactly SmartGlass will work with Dead Rising 3.

Here’s the highlights:

When you turn on SmartGlass on your device it will resemble the games in-game phone that your character will use regardless. Through this SmartGlass phone you can receive calls from characters that otherwise couldn’t call you, adding extra missions to the game. You can also call in support such as Air-strikes.

Some people are a little thrown off by SmartGlass and see it as a hassle. I disagree, although I agree SmartGlass is being used in some unwanted ways. It is apparent that games like Dead Rising 3 are using it in ways that simply make the game more easier to access. Having the characters phone always in your pocket instead of on some menu in the game is somewhat genius.

This isn’t the only game utilizing SmartGlass in a affective way. The upcoming game Watch Dogs will allow players to enter other players games through SmartGlass and control police from an overview of the game’s city to catch the player!

Dead Rising 3 will be a launch title for the Xbox One, While SmartGlass will be first exclusive to Windows 8 tablets. But, will reach out to Apple and Android devices in the future.

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– Gavin Olsen

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