Pokemon X and Y New Horde Encounter Feature Revealed


Everyday we get more and more information about the up and coming Pokemon X and Y. It seems Nintendo is really making some much wanted changes to the old Pokemon formula. The newest of these changes is a new Pokemon encounter dubbed a “Horde Encounter”. In these horde encounters it’s said you can run into as many as five Pokemon in the wild. In these encounters you can only use one Pokemon at a time and these can happen anywhere in the wild.

I’m more than excited about these new events. Nintendo is notorious for pumping the same few titles out over and over again each year. It looks like they are finally taking Pokemon to the next level. I mean, they are just now taking the game into 3d! (expect for their few console games of course.) I’ve been a Pokemon fan most my life and I know I’m not the only one that is excited for the new Pokemon.

Pokemon X and Y will be available on Oct. 12 worldwide exclusively on Nintendo’s own 3DS. If you are itching for anymore news stay right here on TheGamersDrop.com for all your Pokemon X and Y needs.

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– Gavin Olsen

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  1. Fruit Punch Samurai G

    This was announced in the developer roundtable during E3. There was a video on June 12th. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrL3I38VO3o

  2. you made a good game
    I can’t wait two play Pokemon X and Y I love 3-d games and movie I hope you will create more 3-d pokemon game and I love the World of Pokemon=]