PlayStation Vita / PlayStation 4 Internet Connectivity Explained

PS Vita - PS4 Connectivity

Yesterday, Sony confirmed that the connectivity between the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita will not require to be on the same network. In fact it will be possible for gamers to stream PS4 titles onto their Vitas via the internet.

Sony’s UK boss Fergal Gara expanded further on this and explained more about the connectivity the PS4 and the Vita will have. Gala expects that the “vast majority of PS4 games [will be] quickly and easily enabled for PS Vita.

OPM spoke to Gala and asked if whether binding the two platforms together was best for the PS4 or the PS Vita. Gala’s simple reply was just “it’s best for both.” He then went on to explain how it will work.

“In short, there’s a video coder chip inside PS4 that enables a variety of features. It enables live broadcast of your gameplay without putting any overhead on the CPU and the GPU combo, so it’s not dragging down the game performance in any way, shape or form. But it also allows you – and it is Gaikai enabled technology – allows you to pick up the Vita and go away with a full suite of controls and play your PS4 game over WiFi.”


Gara continued on to say that this functionality will put the Vita “into a new light,” and that it “helps to explain its design concept and why it was developed.

As for the whole Remote Play thing Gara believes it changes the story of the Vita’s original functionality. From my understanding (according to Gala) the Vita was originally coined as a “PS3 in your pocket.” Gala admits that there was a fair amount of truth in this – that the Vita was more about the “graphical resolution and the power of the experience” than a remote companion. Now, with the Vita being bound to the PS4, the concept of having a “PlayStation in your pocket” becomes a “far more literal and correct terminology” because “you can play what we expect to be the vast majority of PS4 games quickly and easily enabled for PS Vita.

OPM asked about a possible issue about the functionality, about what would happen if the Vita was bought more as a remote companion than as an actual console.

“Certainly for the foreseeable [future] we intend to continue developing – our publishing partners will continue to develop – Vita experiences that are standalone. How will that evolve? I don’t know”, Gara answered.“I think gamers will tell us how that will evolve [by] how they use the device in the future. What I would say is one thing you will not be able to do with your PS4 games, clearly, is play offline. So, you know, if you’re on a train, offline, what are you going to play on? So there isn’t today a mechanic, other than a dedicated PS Vita game, to play games in that environment”.


I’m interested in seeing this functionality in practice. Of course, since it would require an internet connection, gamers could only achieve this if they have a 3G version of the Vita or if they were in a location with accessible/free Wi-Fi. Not to mention they would also need to be able to access the Gaikai servers in order to access their PS4 titles.

Nonetheless I think it’s be pretty cool for gamers, who may happen to be away from their consoles for extended periods of time, to have a chance to pick up where they left off on their PS4.

How do you feel about the PlayStation Vita being able to access PlayStation 4 games via the internet? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to Official PlayStation Magazine. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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