‘Battlefield 4’: Class and Weapon Changes Detailed


DICE’s upcoming next-gen title Battlefield 4 will not only have destruction similar to Bad Company 2 but a couple of details on the tweaks and changes of its classes and weapons have also been unveiled.

Battlefield 4 changes things up a little bit compared to what gamers will be used to in Battlefield 3. For example the Recon class will now get the C4 explosive and the Support class will have access to some heavy grenade launchers.

Players will now also be able to equip carbines and rifles no matter what class they happen to be, allowing them to be more specialised in whatever particular role they fancy.

BF4Central’s example was that if players choose an Engineer class they will be able to switch between carbines and/or rifles depending on whether they’re being offensive or defensive. Previously, according to BF4Central, carbines were restricted to Engineers only and rifles were restricted to Recons only. Now players will be able to pick which ever carbine/rifle they prefer for their chosen class.

These little changes will give players more freedom to fine-tune their preferred classes, especially if there aren’t any weapon restrictions on classes. Additionally players will also now be able to equip different types of grenades on all classes. However class-base weapons will still remain core to their respective classes: Sniper rifles will only be available for Recon classes, LMGs for Support classes, and so on.

Furthermore an additional feature to Battlefield 4 is the “Battle pickup” weapon, which is basically a weapon that has been strategically placed around the map and can’t be equipped by players who have just recently spawned. As the name implies these weapons have to be picked up by the players in order to be used. Even though this feature isn’t something entirely new (games like HaloQuake and Gears of War have all done it several years prior) it’ll certainly add an extra dynamic to multiplayer gameplay.

What do you think of the changes that have been made to ‘Battlefield 4’s classes and loadouts? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to BF4Central. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. battle pickup just sounds like a horrible idea to me. Doesn’t Feel like the sandbox style of BF. Especially if you spawn and get wiped out by campers with these stupid ‘pickup’ weapons.

  2. If it is a sniper using this weapon being it may be a sniper rifle it is NOT camping neither is using a bipod. Sitting in a corner not knowing if an enemy or team mate comes around and you fire stupidly that IS camping. Know the difference!

  3. It kills me the percentage of people who have to be condescending just for the sake of being aholes. People are entitled to their own opinions , just to bad so many feel superior and the need to try show that they think they are, when actually it shows just the opposite. I could careless about this feature either way. It really isn’t much different then being able to pick up a dead opponenets weapon and use it except you don’t have to kill some one to get it.