PS4 Will Not Require PS+ for Cross Game Voice Chat

PS4 Will Not Require PS+ for Cross Game Voice Chat

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Those worried by the recent Sony announcement that Playstation Plus is a requirement for  online play on the PS4, have been interested to see how it’s going to affect the other online features.

Well, we’re starting to get more and more information from Sony, who are clear to clarify exactly what’s going their plans are (something Microsoft’s marketing department could learn from).

  • PS Plus is not needed for cross game chat or other media functions such as Netflix or Flickster.
  • MMOs and Free-to-play games are also unaffected.
  • One subscription gives access to Plus for all accounts on the system.
  • They are going to continue to support the Instant Games collection system, with a new PS4 game available every month.
  • It will cost $50, or $5 per month, which is similar to the current costs.

The PS4 is coming out this holiday season, rumored to be set for a November 21st release.



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