PS4 Game Will Play on PS Vita with Remote Play over the Internet


Through the features that were announced alongside the PS4, it was made very clear that Sony wishes to implement various sorts of connectivity between the PS4 and the PS Vita. In doing so, Sony has confirmed that the PS Vita will have the ability to play all PS4 games through the remote play functionality.

Going into further details about this connectivity, Sony has now confirmed that this functionality will not require the PS4 and PS Vita to be on the same network connections. Spotted by DualShockers, Sony confirmed that the PS Vita will have the ability to play PS4 titles across the Internet. This allows users to operate this functionality from virtually anywhere, as long as their Internet quality is viable.

Additionally, it has also been sourced that the PS4 system itself will take on the job of downscaling the audio and video aspects of each title through its built-in video encoder.

What other features features that you want to see between the PS4 and PS Vita?

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