‘Battlefield 4’ to Have Destruction Similar to Bad Company 2

‘Battlefield 4’ to Have Destruction Similar to Bad Company 2

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With the next installment to the popular Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 4, DICE is looking to provide players with much more environmental destruction from what was seen in Battlefield 3. Speaking on this topic, DICE has stated that they are looking to provide the level of destruction that was seen in Bad Company 2 with the upcoming Battlefield 4.

From a report by BF4Central, DICE stated that they were not proud of the amount of destruction that was seen in Battlefield 3 and hopes to change that with Battlefield 4.“I think Bad Company had a better level of destruction than Battlefield 3 and we are the first to admit that. Battlefield 3 didn’t necessarily deliver what we wanted it to be on the destruction level so we’re upping that.”

Obviously, players will not have the ability to completely level the entire map in multiplayer modes. Structures and objects that are essential to the layout of the map will obviously not be completely destructible, but DICE is definitely looking to overhaul the destruction system that will be found in Battlefield 4.


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