Xbox One and PS4 selling on Amazon at 2,500 pre-orders per minute!


It’s an exciting time for the gaming community. Within the year we will be well into a new generation of consoles! It’s no secret that people are excited for these consoles, but how excited are people exactly? According to Amazon’s pre-order list the answer is very, VERY excited.

According to a press release on gaming news site Neowin the consoles are selling very well. According to Amazon sells have reached a height of 2500 console pre-orders per minute between the Xbox One and PS4. The new consoles only went on sell last week after their E3 reveals and both are selling tremendously well considering the consoles aren’t even out on shelves yet.

It seems the outrage from the internet regarding the new consoles has not stopped the consumers from pre-ordering away. But should you pre-order? We still have until November to see these consoles for ourselves and new details are still coming out everyday! Only two days ago Microsoft pulled a complete 180 on it’s DRM issues which had most people siding with Sony. There is no clear winner, at least not yet.

My advice, hold on to your wallets for now. At least until we get to see these consoles for ourselves.

The Xbox One is said to be out this November while the PS4 is only said to be out “2013 holiday season”.

Have a good day everybody.

– Gavin Olsen

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