‘The Division’ and ‘The Crew’ Will Have an Always-Online Requirement


When bringing up the subject of an always online system being implemented into video games, many gamers are have been split on the decision to implement such features into various titles. Speaking of two upcoming new IP’s from Ubisoft, this being The Crew and The Division, it has recently been confirmed that these two titles will take on an always online requirement.

Speaking with Eurogamer on the subject, Ubisoft has confirmed the existence of this feature due to the structure of the two titles. “The Division will be always-online, because this is how the game is designed. It’s a world that’s always on and always living. The fact you’re always-online is a must. It’s the same for The Crew. You can join your friends or not, but something is happening in this world all the time.”

“We believe these kind of experiences are great. You can go on playing while not in your living room. You can use your tablet or smartphone to enrich your character or help your character and friends while you’re away.

“We give the possibility for the gamer to always be in contact with these worlds. This is something that is completely new and refreshing.”

While many gamers are still split on always online functionality, titles such as The Crew and The Division have a legitimate reason to support this type of functionality. The titles are built on the aspect of being constantly connected to gamers around the world, which is why a feature such as this is required.

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