Tretton: PS4 Supply May Not Be Able To Keep Up With Demand


Still interested in a PS4 despite the Xbox One’s stunning 180° yesterday? Well if you believe Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment,  you better hustle up and find a pre-order somewhere. Tretton recently told Forbes Magazine, that PS4 demand may exceed its supply.  Tretton had this to say when pressed about the $400 PS4 launch price, and whether that is still going to be too high a price for new gamers:

“I think we work one consumer at a time. And we do talk about ten year product life cycles. And as much as I’d love to get ‘em all in year one, it’s an evolution. Over that evolution, as the game library expands, and its cost-efficiencies come down, people get on board at different times.” said Tretton

“But I certainly think, given the technology that we’re offering, given the software lineup, given the price point we have, that we’ll have consumers interested in excess of what we’re able to manufacture.”

Sony is certainly still riding high after all the enthusiasm over their E3 press conference where Tretton essentially point by point dissected how the PS4 would differ from the Xbox One on issues of consumer rights. Yesterday however, Microsoft announced that they will be reversing many of the most controversial aspects of their new console such as dropping the daily internet check required to play all games and restrictions on the ability to trade, sell, and rent used games. The Xbox One is still currently priced at $500.  The console wars are in full swing and we will continue to bring you the latest as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo continue to trade blows.


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