PS4: Share Functionality for Youtube Confirmed

PlayStation 4 Controller - Share Button

When the PlayStation 4 was announced back in February, Mark Cerny (the PS4’s lead system architect) brought out the PS4 controller and talked for a bit about its features. One of those features – the Share button – is an entirely new addition to the DualShock controller range. On an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (which was aired on June 19), Mark Cerny confirmed that the Share function can also share gamers’ shenanigans to YouTube (albeit it was a rather offhand comment). I’ve embedded the snippet of the confirmation below. You can watch the full video here.



During the announcement, Cerny said that using the Share button will allow gamers to share their screenshots and videos of their gaming shenanigans to friends – as well as on their Facebook profiles. Additionally it also allows gamers to stream their shenanigans via Ustream (an online stream platform like Twitch TV). Now gamers will be able to upload straight to YouTube.

One should assume that they would need a YouTube account for this functionality to work (at least that’s what I assume). Gamers would have to link their YouTube accounts to their PlayStation accounts, much like how the PlayStation 3 currently installs its YouTube app. I’m currently not a PS3 gamer, though, so I don’t fully know how one would link their YouTube to their PlayStation without inputting their respective YouTube email – and that’s even with doing some research.

Here’s my thought process on how it would work: gamers install the YouTube app to their PlayStation 4 and sign in using the email they sign up with on YouTube; they’re given an pop-up with an authentication code; they input the code into the link provided; their PlayStation becomes linked to their YouTube account and they can use the YouTube app.

Again I am not a PlayStation 3 gamer as of yet so this is just my theory on how one might link their YouTube to their PlayStation. Of course – since it’s PlayStation 4 I’m on about – there might just be an individual option to link a YouTube account without having to go through the necessary steps for the PS3 app.

Then again I could be entirely wrong when the console comes out (which will apparently be in November, the same month as the Xbox One’s launch) and get proven that it’s done through a different method. It’s fun to theorise nonetheless.

What do you think of the PlayStation 4 being able to share to YouTube? Let us know in the comments!

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