Xbox One Headset and Controller Charge Kit Revealed


Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One wired headset a couple of days ago. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, I must say; it’s pretty much like the Xbox 360 headset only it’s designed to match the aesthetic of Microsoft’s next-gen console. That doesn’t mean to say it looks bad (personally I think it looks very sleek)!

Microsoft have said that the new headset was designed for “long gaming sessions and clear voice chat,” apparently. I assume this new headset will be able to be attached to the Xbox One controller much like how the Xbox 360 headset can attach to the the Xbox 360 controller.

The headset itself consists of one mono speaker and unidirectional microphone. Apparently, an additional feature is that gamers will also be able to control the mute and volume controls without taking their hands off of the controller.

I presume that could only be made possible via the console itself. If that “feature” comes to the finished product upon the console’s release I would honestly be baffled as to why. What’s wrong with simply flipping a switch attached to the lead that connects the headset to the console? I don’t want to have to faff about with some sort menu to change my volume/mute control, a switch system works just fine for that. Furthermore, what about having just a radial volume control on the outside of the speaker?

Microsoft have also unveiled a new charging kit for the Xbox One controller. The charge kit packs an allegedly “long lasting” rechargeable battery which can be apparently fully charged in under four hours. Just like the charge kit for the Xbox 360, the Xbox One’s charge kit can be charged during gameplay or whenever the console is on standby.

I would expect both these products to be out at the same time as the Xbox One console, which is scheduled to launch this November at $499 / 499€ / £429. As it turns out, however, the headset won’t be. I’m not sure about it about the charge kit though.

A forum moderator on OXM contacted Xbox Support via Twitter about whether or not the headset would be included with the Xbox One console. The reply was just shy of a flat out no. The Twitter image can be found on OXM.

What do you think about the Xbox One’s new headset and charge kit? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to GameSpot and OXM. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. I would rather have the charging pack rather than buying a whole new controller if the battery goes bad. Hint hint Sony.