Battlefield 4 Alpha Files Reveal Three Possible New Game Modes

Battlefield 4 Alpha Files Reveal Three Possible New Game Modes

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With the Battlefield 4 alpha trial now underway, participants are now finding ways to uncover hidden information within the game files that have been provided. According to a report that was published by PixelEnemy earlier today, a Battlefield 4 alpha participant has now uncovered a list of new possible game modes that will be provided within the multiplayer portion of Battlefield 4.

With this being said, the following filenames have been uncovered within the Battlefield 4 alpha files:

  • 19.888 mp_npx_playground_prefab

  • 10.528mp_npx_elimination_prefab

  • 32.608 mp_npx_obliteration_prefab

This listing provides three possible new game modes that will be featured Battlefield 4, being Playground, Elimination, and Obliteration. But, since this is just the alpha version of this title, readers should not take this as a concrete confirmation that new game modes such as these will be featured when the game has finally released.

Until this information is addressed by EA or DICE, fans should should take it with a grain of salt.

What new multiplayer game modes do you want to see featured in Battlefield 4?


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