PS4: ‘Planetside 2’ to Look Like PC on Max Settings, Supports Vita Remote Play


Free-to-play game Planetside 2 is certainly a grand game in terms of its scope, with at least 2000-odd players at one time – allegedly – in perpetual combat, and maps as huge as the wallet gamer’s will need to play the game on max settings.

If spending the money to buy a top notch gaming PC for gamers to enjoy this game on max settings at playable frame rates, they’re in luck because Planetside 2 will apparently have the same graphical fidelity of max settings on the PlayStation 4 for a fraction of the price.

Planetside 2’s executive producer Clint Worley and senior art director Tramell Isaac spoke with Game Informer recently to discuss why PS4 buyers should be excited about Planetside 2. Not only will it apparently look like the PC version on max settings it will also support remote play via the PlayStation Vita.

The two versions will be separated from each other so as to not cause any technical problems, meaning the PS4 Planetside 2 servers and the PC Planetside 2 servers will not be connected.

Aside from that, thought, both platforms can expect simultaneous updates every two to four weeks.

If gamers are worried about paying extra for PlayStation Plus in order to play online they need not worry – Planetside 2 will allegedly  not require PlayStation Plus to play online.

I’ve always wanted to get into Planetside 2 but I currently don’t have a powerful enough PC to run it without worrying about hardware potentially blowing up. Perhaps I will still hope on playing it on the PC but the option of playing it on the PS4 is quite tantalizing. I don’t know if I’d prefer playing it with a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. I’ll figure it out someday.

My first experience of playing Planetside 2 was on my friend’s PC and I did surprisingly well not to die within the first second of dropping in for the first time. I got my first kill too but that was more out of spray-and-pray panic than actual tactical play. As it turns out: vibrant neon lights and particle effects during night time makes it quite difficult to decipher which guy is on your faction and which isn’t.

What do you think of ‘Planetside 2’ coming to the PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to Game Informer and Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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