‘The Last Of Us’ Trophy List Revealed


As The Last of Us approaches its June 14 release, Naughty Dog has seen fit to loosen its grip on some key information.  Today, that includes a list of The Last of Us’ single-player Trophies, adding up to a modest 24 in all (one Platinum, six Gold, nine Silver, seven Bronze and one Hidden Trophy), with the promise that multiplayer trophies will be revealed in the near-future.

The list runs as follows:


  • It Can’t Be For Nothing


  • Firefly – Complete the Firefly Journey.
  • For Emergencies Only – Fully upgrade all weapons.
  • Hunter – Complete the Hunter Journey.
  • No Matter What (Survivor) – Complete the game on Survivor.
  • Scavenger – Found all collectibles.
  • The Last of Us (Survivor+) – Complete the game on Survivor+.


  • Everything We’ve Been Through – Fully upgrade Joel with supplements.
  • I Want to Talk About It – Engage in all optional conversations.
  • It Was All Just Lying There – Find all Artifacts.
  • Look for the Light – Find all Firefly Pendants.
  • No Matter What (Hard) – Complete the game on Hard.
  • No Matter What (Normal) – Complete the game on Normal.
  • The Last of Us (Easy+) – Complete the game on Easy+.
  • The Last of Us (Hard+) – Complete the game on Hard+.
  • The Last of Us (Normal+) – Complete the game on Normal+.


  • Endure and Survive – Collect all Comics.
  • I Got This – Find all Training Manuals.
  • Knowing the Basics – Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in Find Match.
  • Let’s Gear Up – Craft every item.
  • Master of Unlocking – Unlock all shiv doors.
  • No Matter What (Easy) – Complete the game on Easy.
  • Populace – Build your clan to 40 people in Factions.

The Hidden Trophy, as expected, is not referred to by name.  What is more noteworthy is the presence of more Gold and Silver Trophies than Bronze, the polar opposite of Naughty Dog’s approach with the Uncharted games.  Likely, this is a move to distance The Last of Us more from the developer’s previous work, which is in itself respectable.

At the moment, we have no word on what the Hidden Trophy or multiplayer trophies pertain to.  That doesn’t seem very problematic on its own – Naughty Dog has been keeping its multiplayer aspect under wraps, after all – but it does raise some questions that The Last of Us will hopefully answer in a satisfying manner.

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