DayZ: Standalone Limited Alpha Testing Begins, Public Testing Set for June


Following the success of DayZ, an ARMA II mod set in a world where zombies roam and there are never enough guns to go around, creator Dean “Rocket” Hall has confirmed that alpha testing has begun for ‘DayZ Standalone’, a new fully developed version of the game.

DayZ has proved popular, having gained over 1 million players despite being a fan made mod. Hall stated that the public alpha version of ‘Stand Alone’ is set for a June release. For now, the unfinished game is limited to one server, split between a handful of private alpha testers, as well as those close to the project.

Though DayZ Standalone has no official release date, Hall was enthusiastic for the finished product, saying “we are doing content updates all the time.” Payment for public alpha testers will supposedly follow a Minecraft payment model, in which the earlier players will be able to get the game cheaply.

DayZ has been praised by many for the realism it offers, in contrast to other zombie survival games such as Left4Dead and Dead Rising. Hopefully we should be able to expect something of real substance come June.

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