Watch Dogs: PS4 Development Discussed in ‘Conversations with Creators’

Community Developer for Ubisoft, Nik Schmidt posted up on Playstation’s Official Blog yesterday the first episode of Sony’s “Conversations with Creators,” an ongoing series that focuses on some of the worlds most prestigious game studios as they talk about their experience with PS4 game development.

In this episode, Sony zeros in on Watch Dogs, Ubisofts open-world action-adventure game arriving in stores on the 19th of November, this year.

Check out the video down below.


Following the video was a statement from Schmidt:

By working in close collaboration with PlayStation, the team is working to harness the full power of the PS4. This gives them the opportunity to create a truly no-compromises experience with high-resolution environment textures and advanced special effects. The game experience, much like the city you’ll get to play in, will be rich, deep, and detailed.

As Jonathan and Dominic explain in the video, connectivity is at the heart of the Watch_Dogs experience. We already know Aiden is connected to his own environment, but we also want to give the players new and different ways to connect with each other, and working with PlayStation makes this possible.

In the end, we want to let you experience what it truly feels like to be in a hyper-connected world, whether it be in single player, multiplayer, at home, or even on the go.

Be sure to check back on over to The Gamers Drop for the next developer diary on “Conversations with Creators.”


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