CCP Announces ‘EVE Online’ TV and Comic Series


CCP Games, EVE Online’s developer, has announced a creative partnership with Icelandic film director Baltasar Kormáku to bring the player-influenced universe of EVE Online to TV screens around the world.

During the same day, CCP also announced a partnership with Dark Horse Comics to create a comic series based in the EVE Online (including DUST 514) universe called “EVE: True Stories“.

I will stress that the TV series won’t be like Defiance, where the game can influence the show and vise versa. Instead, CCP and Kormáku and his production team will be working together to create an original concept and storyline based on player-submitted stories.

“The ‘EVE Universe’ is full of astounding stories of epic battles, daring heists, and gripping political intrigue, all of which will make for an amazing television series,” said Kormákur. “The opportunity to interact with the fans of the ‘EVE Universe’ directly opens up all sorts of exciting possibilities.”

“The inhabitants of the notorious and beloved ‘EVE Universe’ have ten years’ worth of dramatic stories to tell,” added Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP. “Our close collaboration with Baltasar and his creative team gives me confidence that we will capture ‘EVE’s essence, inspiring millions of TV viewers with visions of humanity’s future.”


As well as making a TV series with Kormáku and EVE: True Stories with Dark Horse, CCP and Dark Horse will also be working together on “EVE: Source“. This collaboration effort will produce a 184-paged, fully coloured hardback book filled with information and exclusive artwork, said to be the definitive guide to the “EVE Universe“.

Said to come out in winter this year, EVE: Source will be a visual guide and a comprehensive what-I-assume-to-be encyclopedia to the EVE Universe. The book itself will apparently “immerse readers in the history and lore of ‘EVE’ through stunning artwork and never-before-released material detailing the setting, backstory, races and factions of the ‘EVE Universe’.”

“It’s going to take everything we’ve got to capture the amazing visuals and rich history of the ‘EVE Universe’ in a single volume,” said Dave Marshall, Editor, Dark Horse.

“As we fill it with material from ‘EVE Online’s stellar space combat to the ‘boots on the ground’ action of ‘DUST 514’s planetary conflicts, ‘EVE: Source’ is shaping up to be one of the most stunning books we’ve ever published.”


As for EVE: True Stories: when released, the series will be available for free (and I assume for digital download) via Dark Horse Digital and apparently mobile apps, too. Similar to the TV series, EVE: True Stories will feature a series of player-submitted stories inspired by actual player-driven events. Once the series starts flowing online, Dark Horse will apparently then publish the full array of EVE: True Stories, along with bonus material, as a hardback graphic novel. This graphic novel will be available in bookstores worldwide also this winter.

“As we move into the second decade of EVE, the universe we share with our players is more alive than ever with stories that deserve to be celebrated and honored,” said Yohei Ishii, Vice President, Business Development, North America at CCP.

“We look forward to sharing the stories inspired by these unique experiences with the world.”


As if Christmas was something to look forward to. I’m quite interested in seeing where the TV series will go. Will it be a romanisation of the game or will it be a seriously gritty story? Will it be the Game of Thrones of space? I hope it will be, since the nature of EVE Online doesn’t really fit any other category (at least from the top of my head).

The comic series tickles my interest, too – especially EVE: Source. I bet a lot of hours may be lost to scouring the sea of knowledge that book might contain. Bring on the winter!

How do you feel about EVE Online getting a TV and comic series? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to both of CCP’s press releases: #1 and #2. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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