Steam Introduces Internalised “Subscription Plans”


Now, before you run off on a mad hunt to shout down Valve with mindset of “subscription plans for games I’ve already paid for?! I have to pay for Steam on top of the games I buy?!”, allow me to add clarity.

“Subscription Plans” is not indicative to subscribing to pay X amount over Y time in order to use Steam’s services, no. Although, I wouldn’t blame Steam users if they initially thought that. On the contrary, the client is still going to stay free to use – there will just be a new feature to help out gamers with subscription-based games.

Announced yesterday (April 25) on Steam’s News tab, Valve stated that their new Subscription Plans feature aims to give “gamers flexibility and control of subscription-based games.” With this new feature, gamers will be able to manage their payments for subscription-based games through Steam. The launch title for this feature is Darkfall Unholy Wars. Additional subscription-based games are said to follow.

With Subscription Plans, any subscription models for Steam games that require continuous payment will be internalised to Steam – gamers won’t have traverse to another party to pay their fees. Let’s use EVE Online as an example. Even though gamers can download the EVE Online client they would still have to go through the EVE Online website in order to register for a subscription or a 14-day trial. As for Game Time Codes for the game, I only know of one site that facilitates them.

Sure, gamers can buy a 30-day’s worth of subscription – for a new account – along with the full game (the bought product key can’t be used with existing EVE Online accounts, as I’ve learned), but after that first month gamers will still have to go through EVE Online’ s website to update their subscription.

Subscription Plans will internalise the above exampled process to Steam, making it quite a convenient feature. Gamers will be able to sign up for subscriptions, manage them, renew or cancel them at any time – all directly through Steam.

The announcement also included a link to an FAQ detailing more information on Steam’s Subscription Plans.

How do you feel about Steam’s Subscriptions Plans feature? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to Steam News. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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