Microsoft Employees Have Reportedly Disclosed Involvement with Xbox 720


On May 23rd it was reported by VideoGamer that multiple Microsoft employees (both current and former; mostly former) that have disclosed details about their involvement with Microsoft’s yet-to-be announced Xbox 720 on their online CVs on LinkedIn.

Thanks to VideoGamer, I’m able to list off who those employees are and what they did.

Even though the amount of persons listed is quite small they are still quite important figures, judging by their reported CVs. The first one on VideoGamer’s list is Rishi Jain, who currently works as Microsoft as a system validation engineer; then there’s Parag Garg, a former program manager; Avi Bar-Zeev, a former principle architect; and Maxwell Churchill, an ex-visual designer.

Each person has allegedly listed what work they did work on the Xbox 720 on their individual profiles. Churchill’s profile in particular is said to hint towards a 2013 release for the new console.

According to VideoGamer, Churchill states that he contributed to the “visual design, UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience), IA (Information Architecture) and illustration for Xbox 2013“, as well as working on “Windows 7, Xbox Mobile, and Zune Marketplace.His personal website also refers to his alleged work on the Xbox 720, with the words “Coming soon” alongside “XBOX CONSOLE”.

Jain’s profile is also said to includes a mention to working on the Xbox 720, stating that he’s been working on it since beginning work for Microsoft back in November 2012..

Garg’s profile allegedly states that he was “responsible for the original engagement and interaction with the silicon provider for the Next Gen XBOX console, i including prototype bring up.” This was apparently during his time at Microsoft between October 2010 and March 2011. He was also responsible for “OS Development and Product Investigations for Next Gen XBOX.

Bar-Zeev, however, apparently has quite the pedigree compared to the others. His profile allegedly states that he “developed novel product concepts for forward-looking groups at Microsoft, including MSR’s Startup Business Group, Bing Mobile’s Prototyping team, and Xbox Incubations (apparently the originators of Kinect).”

It also allegedly states that part of Bar-Zee’s work was related to “‘Next Gen’ XBox HW (hardware)/SW (software) architecture and experiences.

When VideoGamer contacted Microsoft about the mentioning of the Xbox 720 on employees’ CVs they were responded with the typical “we do not comment on rumours on speculation” reply.

Even though Microsoft have yet to actually reveal anything about the Xbox 720, it is expected that they will on May 21st.

What do you think about these Microsoft employees announcing their work for the unannounced console? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to VideoGamer. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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