PS4: Sony Santa Monica Pitched the “Share” Button


Shuhei Yoshida (Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment) has revealed to EDGE Online that the “Share” feature of the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller was pitched to Sony by Sony Santa Monica’s creative director Nathan Gary.

Yoshida recalled that Gary pithed the Share button after months of discussion about what social features could be implemented into the PS4. The idea was almost immediately incorporated into the design of the DualShock 4.

“I think it was creative director Nathan Gary in Santa Monica studios who suggested it: how about adding a dedicated button on the controller so that everybody can just press that button to share? He was helping out the external development, heavily involved in helping the development of Journey and Unfinished Swan at Santa Monica Studios.” Yoshida told EDGE. .

“So Nathan put together a Powerpoint and pitched in this Share button idea,” Yoshida continued. “And we all went, that’s a brilliant idea! So it was a pretty quick decision after he suggested it and I’m sure he’s pretty proud of his contribution. That was after many months of discussion of how people should be using the PS4 system and sharing was one of the central experiences we wanted to include in the system’s development.”


When the PlayStation 4’s new DualShock 4 controller was first demo’d back in February by Mark Cerny, I remember it being quite intrigued about its features – its “Share” button being one of them. Now, however, I simultaneously feel that the feature is both a fantastic idea and a bit of an odd one, too.

Of course, the controller itself did look interesting as a whole when it was revealed, if a bit aesthetically unsightly at first. Amongst the other features Cerny showed off, the Share feature will allow you to share recorded video and screenshots of your gaming shenanigans instantly.

To me, upon reflection, I find the Share button to be nothing more than a physical convenience. Which is fine (because that’s essentially what it was designed for), but the same could’ve been done through the console’s UI. It’s a gimmick, I feel: press the button to instantly be brought to the sharing feature without having to go through the UI and different menus and selections.

When you’re wanting to save time, avoiding all that is a great idea. However, what I find odd about the Share feature is why include it when similar features have already been tried and tested for the duration of this current console generation and turned out successful. Take the “Theatre Mode” concept, for example. That has a feature where you can share videos and images, and it uses the console’s UI to work.

So why include all that into one button? I assume Sony would have to have fleshed out the sharing feature itself to be integrated into the PS4’s UI anyway, so gamer’s wouldn’t have to use the Share button to access their shares should they wish. My answer is that the Share button pretty much acts as a shortcut, which would make sense given its convenient nature. That’s just my speculation, of course.

The concept just boggles me a wee bit. Perhaps I’m overthinking it. Sure, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good feature – it was just a niggle at the back of my mimd as to why it’s necessary.

I truly won’t have a full opinion of the Share feature until I try it out for myself, which is something I do intend on doing when I am able to.

What do you think about the DualShock 4’s Share feature? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to EDGE Online. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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