Xbox 720 Not Compatible with Secondhand Games, Claims Xing Interactive


Even though there are rumours currently circulating around Microsoft’s Xbox 720, even though the exact details of the console are still up in the air (since, to my knowledge, nothing so far has been confirmed by Microsoft or Microsoft officials), I keep having to remind myself that they are just that: rumours.

Despite my efforts, I seem to notice industry officials (devs, executives, etc.) commenting on such rumours, referencing and commenting on their own sources relevant to the rumour of topic, which – to me – just adds to the plausibility of the rumours actually being true.

David Connolly, managing director of at Xing Interactive, spoke to NowGamer on April 22nd and entertained the rumours that the Xbox 720 will require an always-on internet connection in order to play games and that it will not play secondhand games.

“I have spoken to sources close to Microsoft on the other hand who insist that the next Xbox will not be compatible with second hand, will require permanently on connection, and ‘you’ll have to go through Microsoft to do anything,” Connolly said.


Unlike Sony, who have actually been quite open for the most about what they’re doing and where they’re going with their PS4, Microsoft have kept their mouth shut their next console, and have allegedly refused to comment on rumours and speculation. Which, sure, I can get that – protect your interests and such – but give us something, Microsoft.

Because Sony have already announced their next console, and higher-ups like Mark Cerny and developers have talked about its hardware and possibilities to improve gaming experiences, I feel I can trust them: because what has been said (from what I’ve read) can be backed by official fact from Sony or Sony officials. However, since Microsoft have said nothing to be an official reference of what has already been speculated about the Xbox 720 I feel less comfortable to side with them.

Sure, some comments on the next Xbox may be convincing, but – since they are not backed up by official fact – to me they can’t be nothing more than just rumours with rather plausible speculations, even with the controversial scene that happened on Twitter concerning a now-allegedly-fired Microsoft employee over entertaining the “always online” rumour.

I’ll be honest. I’m edging more towards Sony than I am with Microsoft, as I presume many other gamers are. I will admit I don’t want the rumours to be true because I still remain hopeful that Microsoft might surprise everyone in the end with something that might win them over. Until Microsoft officially make a statement about the Xbox 720 (hopefully next month), everything I’ve heard bouncing about the console will still be rumours to me.

How do you feel about the Xbox 720 apparently requiring an always-on internet connection and not being compatible with secondhand games? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to NowGamer and GameNGuide. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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