Jak and Daxter Collection Coming to PS Vita This June

Jak and Daxter Collection on PS Vita

The dynamic duo is back again! Except this time, on a much smaller scale. That’s right, Jak and Daxter have once again found their way to a portable device. The Jak and Daxter HD Collection will be arriving on the Playstation Vita this June.

This is according to Sony Computer Entertainment of America Associate Producer, Victor Harris, who announced the expansion on Playstation’s Official Blog.

Harris’s original statement below:

In February 2012, Naughty Dog’s beloved Jak and Daxter franchise got a faithful HD remake on PS3 in the form of Jak and Daxter Collection, satiating series fans and introducing newcomers to the duo. This June, we’re expanding the collection to the portable audience. Jak and Daxter Collection (comprised of three of Jak and Daxter’s legendary adventures – Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3) is coming to PS Vita for just $29.99.

The power of PS Vita means Jak and Daxter Collection will feature authentically reproduced graphics from the original games. Longtime fans will instantly feel at home, and new players will experience the world of Jak and Daxter for the first time, along with new touch-based applications of certain mini games throughout the collection.

For those of you who already own the HD collection on PS3, know that the Vita version will have full Trophy support separate from that of the console. So if you’re a Trophy hunter looking to get your hands on three more platinums you may want to take this into consideration.

Jak and DaxterJak and Daxter Collection might come to PS Vita photo

Is this the last we are going to see of Jak, or does anyone smell a sequel? We know that Naughty Dog had originally planned a Jak 4, but ended up making the The Last of Us instead. However, it appears that Sony is not trying to let go of our beloved pointy eared heroes just yet.

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  1. Half of me likes that jack and dexter is comming to the vida, but half of me is like what the hell is the point? The series is great, don’t get me wrong and everyone should play it, but is that really a good business move? I feel like it will jut be a waist of money. They should make another one and then rerelease the hd vida copies. I think they would get more out of that method. But I also wannna say that the price is great!