Xbox 720: Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed IV for ‘X720’

Xbox 720: Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed IV for ‘X720’

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Microsoft’s Xbox 720 still remains unannounced, but it’s safe to say we know it’s coming. Two Ubisoft employees have confirmed that the companies top open-world titles will be making their way to the Xbox 720.

The first employee is Ubisoft marketing artist Phil Brolles, who stated on his LinkedIn profile that Watch Dogs is a, “Work in progress for next generation consoles,” referencing both the PS4 and the Xbox 720. The second is Ubisoft gameplay programmer Paolo Maninetti, who said that Assassin’s Creed 4 is heading to, “PC, PS3, X360, PS4, X720, [and] WiiU.”

Assassin’s Creed 4 coming October 29th, will be on next-gen consolesIf you have watched the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag trailer, then you should have noticed that it says, “Also coming on next-gen consoles,” under the official release date, so this does not really come as a surprise. But what is surprising, is the fact that these employees were so open in mentioning the, “X720,” given Microsoft’s secrecy over the matter and the fact that they are soon expected to give their big announcement.

This is not the first confirmation by an employee either. Eusebius Lai, who works at Microsoft has beaten both Brolles and Maninetti to the punch earlier that week when he posted up on his LinkedIn profile that he was working on, “Cool new features,” for the, “Next xbox.”

Microsoft is expected to announce the Xbox 720 at either the end of this month or next, depending on who you ask. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.



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