PS4 Possibilities Have Greatly Impressed ‘Grid 2’ Developer, Codemasters

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Whenever next generation hardware is announced, the questions surrounding them boil down to: How much better will it be than my current console? Considering the how long this current console generation has dragged on this question seems especially important for many gamers that feel they’ve waited far too long for an upgrade.

Now that the PS4 has finally been announced, this pivotal question can be answered. Although the press conferences from Sony give some indication with its features and a few samples of games already in development, the question of potential is best answered by the game developers that are working with this new hardware. While discussing their latest game, Grid 2, Lain Smith of Codemasters hinted at what can be expected from the next generation of games.

“I think with every big hardware improvement the industry goes through that line [between virtual and reality] will continue to erode regardless of the game genre, but I don’t think the distinction will ever fully go away no matter how impressive the tech. You still need to ask the player to suspend their disbelief and come on a journey into the game world.”

Even with the new Grid 2, Smith feels Codemasters has come as close as possible to stepping into the next generation of games with social integration and improved Hi-Def for the PC version.

“We already feel we are delivering on many of the promises of next-gen here and now. It’s our most social and connected ever title, with RaceNet delivering a persistent connection into your GRID2 world through web and mobile devices…We let gamers share their greatest moments through our YouTube upload feature direct from game replays and look also at the work we have been doing on PC, already supporting 4K TV technology for the ultimate in high-definition gaming.”

While social integration is great, I think many gamers are more interested in improvements in physics and visuals. We’ll have to wait and see what Codemasters has up their sleeves for the next gen, but Grid 2 may be a good introduction to their capabilities.


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