Minecraft: Xbox 360 Retail Edition Delayed


The disc based version of Minecraft XBLA, the XBOX 360 port of the ever popular ‘Minecraft’, has been delayed until the 4th June.

Microsoft announced a disc port of the immensely popular MInecraft XBLA version after the incredible success following its release on Xbox Live last year. Five days after it was made available, it had sold over a million copies, going onto dominate the Xbox Live marketplace for months. Sensing opportunities to translate this popularity into retail sales, Microsoft originally announced the release date for the disc port for early April. Unfortunately for fans of the game, this date has been postponed until June.

Larry Hyrb, an Xbox spokesman, commented on Twitter that the delay is intended to make sure that the “very latest content” is available for gamers when the disc version is released. This could well be sugar coating, given that the ninth update for the XBLA version came with a whole host of bugs which 4J studios, the company behind the XBLA port, has since been working to correct.

For the sake of making sure the disc port of the game can launch free of problems, this is certainly forgivable. Though it may be disappointing to some, the PC and XBLA versions are still readily available. With the latter of the two still experiencing issues, a lot of Xbox gamers may well be left frustrated for the next few months. Still, with the PC version still going strong, having just passed the milestone of having sold 10 million copies, it’s safe to say that soon we will be able to look back on this and laugh.

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