Official Radio Stations from past GTA Titles are Now Available on iTunes and Spotify

Official Radio Stations from past GTA Titles are Now Available on iTunes and Spotify

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While GTA 5 is still a few months away from its initial release, Rockstar Games has decided to give fans a little surprise from past titles. The game series – Grand Theft Auto – is known for its in-game radio shows; something to enjoy whilst accelerating for a stunt jump or making a getaway from the cops. Big names such as Axl Rose and Iggy Pop have played GTA DJs over the years, and now various soundtracks from Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas and onwards have been collected together by Rockstar Games.

“As a service for all GTA fans on Spotify as well as for those who’d like to easily browse and find their favorite tracks from Grand Theft Auto radio history on iTunes, we’ve gone ahead and compiled the official set of playlists below, with tracks from all the music stations featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes from Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City and more.”

You can find the complete list of over on the official post by Rockstar Games.

As of now, tracks that are unavailable on Spotify and Itunes have failed to make the playlists, though Rockstar has claimed it is doing all in its power to rectify this situation.

Playlists based on the music stations present in each game have been made available on Rockstar’s website.


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