Dark Souls 2 leads on PC with 60fps confirmation, 30fps for consoles


Aficionados of the murderous depths of From Software’s Dark Souls have cause to celebrate today as news surfaces of the studio’s plans for the PC version of the venerable dungeon crawler’s sequel. The studio, speaking to several French and Spanish language sources, clarified the development process for the latest entry in the series – Dark Souls 2 -, stating that because the PC is now their lead platform, players can expect that version of the game to be of much higher quality than their PC effort for the original Dark Souls.

Director Yui Tanimura explains that the PC version of Dark Souls 2 will be capable of performing at 60 frames per second, and that console versions will cap at 30, claiming that great care is being taken to stabilize the framerate on consoles.

Tanimura-san goes on to say that the original Dark Souls was developed for consoles and later ported to the PC, and that the opposite will be true in the case of Dark Souls II.

Developed on a variety of machines to benchmark performance, the title is being constructed with a brand-new engine that has been crafted with current-generation consoles in mind, which he states may cause difficulties should an attempt be made to port the game to next-gen machines.

Dark Souls was released in 2011 and became a surprise hit for From Software, despite its notorious difficulty. The game’s PC port, however, suffered from numerous technical issues, with From Software admitting that the porting process to PCs had been more arduous than anticipated. The game’s community soon stepped in, providing fixes for the majority of the game’s major technical problems.

With the studio assuring that they will make amends with the sequel, players of all platforms should be able to die at improved framerates when the game releases next year.


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One comment

  1. What a messy article…

    PC is the lead , with nextgen being nearly PC architecture, one would think that making nextgen version would be easier, but the article says that the new engine is optimized for current-gen, so there would be problems doing nextgen versions… then the lead plaftorm is using an engine optimized for completely different architecture??? Why would FROM spend money doing an engine optimized for current gen when the current gen is nearly over? Do they plan on releasing more current gen games after Dks2? The most obvious thing would be creating an engine that could be adapted to nextgen too.

    If this article is true then either the PC version or the consoles version will be crap!
    Having a PC version and a console version would allow for a “quick” nextgen version, since the PC code can be adapted and it can use the console GUI (like the future plans for Diablo 3 and FF14). It would also cover more gamers and make the Dks community bigger.
    I would much prefer playing Dks2 at 1080p res and 60fps on PS4.