Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Patch Hits Xbox Live


A patch for Treyarch’s latest entry in the ever-popular shooter series has been released as of April 10th on Xbox Live. The 48 megabyte update to Black Ops 2 addresses a laundry list of multiplayer issues, ranging from additional features and bug fixes, and even a few balance changes.

Notable changes include the addition of an option to kick players who suicide too often (which deprives enemies of a potential kill), improvements in the way a player’s league placement is surfaced within the game’s competitive league system, and the squashing of a host of scorestreak bugs involving the orbital VSAT, sentry gun, and cool-particle-effect emitting guardian microwave emitter.

The balance changes – often a source of much heated discussion, especially concerning weapons – are minor, mostly concerning the way the game handles player spawning tendencies in multiplayer, which is nevertheless an important change given the game’s small maps and blistering pace.

Treyarch has patched Black Ops 2 six times since the game’s release in November of last year, bringing an impressive number of refinements as the perennial shooter’s community rapidly causes the game’s balance to shift and new bugs to be discovered. The detail-minded can find the full list of patch notes below.

Black Ops 2 April 10 Xbox 360 Game Update Patch Notes


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