PS4: “Developers Won’t find a Performance Bottleneck,” Claims Guerrilla Games


Guerrilla Games’ Technical Director Michiel Van Der Leeuw told EDGE recently that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has “been so carefully designed that developers won’t find a performance bottleneck,” and that since the PS4 is said to have off-the-shelf PC hardware inside it, it doesn’t make any less of gaming console.

“The fact that the best pieces of hardware are also devised from, or optimised versions of, the stuff we find in PCs doesn’t make it any less a console,” Van Der Leeuw said.

“A PC is a number of parts that also have bridges in-between, where there are inefficiencies that may come in if they’re not exactly the right match.”


Van Der Leeuw continued on to explain that Sony has (apparently) made an effort to iron out these inefficiencies, and that – as a result – the new console won’t have any bottlenecks (limitations) — thanks to its hardware.

“We’ve got the right amount of memory, video card; everything’s balanced out. It was a very conscious effort to make sure that – with the speed of the memory, the amount of compute units, the speed of the hard drive – there would not be any bottlenecks.”


He finished off with how Guerrilla Games have known about the internal workings of the PlayStation 4 for quite some time, and how the company tried to figure out a bottleneck within the setup.

“I think it was for more than a year that we knew the main ingredients and there was just discussion after discussion trying to find a bottleneck. Take a look at this design; try to find the bottleneck”


It’s interesting to hear that there will be no supposed limitations in terms of what developers can do with the PlayStation 4. It seems that Sony are staying true to their word when they said that their new console will be more developer-friendly during the PlayStation 4’s announcement back in February.

Guerilla Games also announced their next-gen title Killzone: Shadow Fall during the same event (one amongst other in a line-up), and I’ve heard it to an anticipated launch title.

If Guerrilla managed to dish out that graphical splendor, imagine how other developers will take advantage of this “no bottlenecks” console with their titles. I’m quite excited for the games to come after this console hits the shelves.

It’s good that Sony have designed a console that won’t hold back and/or hinder developers. Having said that, however, Guerrilla Games are only one developer; other developers may not be so fortunate, and may find a limitation of their own. Let’s stay optimistic and hope they won’t.

Are you interested in seeing where developers take their next-gen titles with a no bottlenecks console? Let us know in the comments!

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