Pokemon X & Y: New Generation-Six Pokémon Speculated to Be Revealed


A brand new pokémon for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (generation-six) was revealed on April 8th, which bared a striking resemblance to an already highly known pokémon — Mewtwo, a legendary pokémon which originally appeared in Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue (generation-one).

Streamed over YouTube, the new pokémon was shown off flaunting moves typical of a Psychic-Type. The actual reveal is now up on Pokémon’s YouTube channel.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk_YC0MXJ-0]

Now, here’s where my inner-geek wamts to come out and play. I’ve read it said that this new pokémon is related to Mewtwo, so allow me to try to break down how that could be possible.

I’m interested in seeing how the Pokémon lore explains this one, really. Sure, it does look strikingly similar to Mewtwo, but it can’t be any sort of evolution of Mewtwo — because Mewtwo was genetically created from a genetic sample of Mew, and thusly cannot evolve, I believe.

I believe this because Mewtwo was essentially created to be a weapon, to be controlled by Giovanni (gen-one’s eighth gym leader and Team Rocket’s leader).

Having said that, I wouldn’t dismiss a lore reason that explained that Mewtwo was encoded to evolve. I just think, as being created as a weapon, Mewtwo – in the eyes of Giovanni, possibly – wouldn’t have required the trait to evolve. Which sort of fits Mewtwo – in terms of lore – nicely into the rule of legendaries not being allowed to evolve for some reason. Some can change form, but as a whole they cannot evolve.

I also don’t believe that this new pokémon is in an evolution of Mew, whom Mewtwo was engineered from. Since this pokémon is so similar to Mewtwo, it’s too much of a coincidence for it to a direct evolution of Mew, since there’s a lot of genetic wizardry involved between Mew and Mewtwo.

move-aWhat I’m trying to say is: since Mewtwo was designed and created to be better than Mew (implying human interference), why would a natural evolution of Mew turn out so coincidentally similar to a manmade clone?

Anyway, assuming this new pokémon is related to Mewtwo in some way, my hypothesis is: pokémon scientists managed to clone another Mewtwo from its genes somehow, making a “Mewthree” (har-har-har).

(Or it could just simply be a different form that Mewtwo can change into when brought on by some item or circumstance, but where’s the imagination in that?)

Still trying to think of a lore explanation  I think this could only be feasible if a sample of Mewtwo’s genetic material was recovered, or if Mewtwo was finally captured (again) by Giovanni, who subsequently cloned another pokémon from it — one that would actually obey him and not throw a hissy-fit and blow up his building, and then go on a philosophical “who am I?” journey.

Mewthree, thereafter, must of escaped the cloning facility later down the line after being cloned (probably to chase the same journey as its predecessor did), because how else would it be catchable? Unless the whole point of catching it is to release it from captivity, after which – after earning its trust – it then becomes your partner.

As for Mewtwo: it either escapes the facility itself, or you might have to release it, too.

Furthermore, since I’m of the belief that gen-six will go down the genetic route (X and Y being possibly connected to X and Y chromosomes), this sort of story would fit that theme quite nicely, I feel.

I’m calling it right now that this is what explains this new Pokémon. I guess we’ll find out in October this year!

Chirps to a press release and Pokémon’s YouTube channel. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Porygon in a digital pokemon that can evolve.

  2. since it looks kinda like mewtwo, i think this is an evolution of mew, witch would explain why mewtwo looks so different from mew, even though it is supposed to be a clone.

  3. To me, it honestly looks like a female version of Mewtwo after some looking over. Mewtwo’s tail is said to represent his penis which means he’s a male, but the tail is attached to this one’s head, such as long hair. Mewtwo’s chest has what appears to be pectorals as the other has what looks like breasts. Also, every feature is more rounded-out rather than chiseled. Idk, that’s just me.

    • But Mewtwo has no gender, neither does Mew. I think this would be some pure peaceful mutation of Mewtwo.

    • But Mewtwo has no gender. It is neither male nor female, neither is Mew. I can understand if this was a peaceful pure-hearted form that manifested in Mewtwo’s corrupted heart, but that’s just me. Wherever you heard Mewtwo’s tail is said to represent a penis is FALSE and not canon. I do however agree with your pecks/breast logic. This could be a female, but all I’m saying is Mew/Mewtwo are neither male nor female.

  4. Perhaps, because Mewtwo is a genetically engineered Pokemon, his way of reproducing is different from normal pokemon. When regular pokemon mate, they usually just hatch the same pokemon. But with Mewtwo, his genes are different and perhaps reproduces more like a human and creates a unique child. That child, is this new Pokemon in this video. Hence why, these games are called “X” and “Y” because it’s about Mewtwo actually having the X and Y genes and was able to reproduce with another pokemon to make this thing.

  5. According to Serebii’s 13/4/13 post, “Mewthree” is actually another forme of Mewtwo.

    > http://serebii.net/index2.shtml.

  6. i can see it be an evolution of mew, when you think about it mewtwo was supposed to be a clone, so this new pokemon could be what the evolved form of mew is supposed to look like. and that mewtwo, being manmade, is in fact, a disfigured version of its evolution, without man knowing who they were making, other than the fact that it was mews dna, could it not have be the evolution of mew that the dna came from? seems possible. but then again, mew is legendary is it not? which means it cant evolve.

  7. What I still don’t understand is why Mewthree has a handle on his head. Is he portable, or is that designed to chain him so he can’t escape and fly away like Mewtwo?

    I’m actually quite thrilled to see a Mew version coming out. That means that Nintendo is going to be honoring continuity. Maybe Team Rocket will ride again…

  8. um.what if mew and mewtwo bred

  9. it looks ggggaaaayyyyy

  10. its just mew two y.theres also a mewtwo x.only can be obtained thru mega eviloution