Major PS4 Event to Take Place Prior to E3

Major PS4 Event to Take Place Prior to E3

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It appears Sony is not looking to wait around. The company is scheduling yet another event to take place within the coming weeks in which they plan to further reveal the PS4.

Little is known about the system itself, though Sony has unveiled a few specs as well as several games during their, “Future of Playstation,” event on February 20th, in New York City. And while many industry watchers were anticipating the announcement during last month’s Game Developer’s Conference, Sony teased the crowd once again by only adding some details about the underlying hardware.

Microsoft has also been rumored to be planning an April event to uncover what is currently being called the Xbox 720. But given the company’s history, an E3 unveiling would be the more likely candidate – the Kinect was first introduced during E3 2009 and officially announced (along with the redesigned Xbox 360) the following year at E3 2010.

Microsoft has also posted up a countdown to this years E3 on their blog, which many believe to be the countdown to the 360’s successor.

At the moment, Microsoft has yet to officially announce their next-gen console, which is the opposite of the Xbox 360 that was announced first and released before its competition. So far, the Wii U remains the only next-gen console out on the market, with Sony announcing a holiday 2013 release and Microsoft rumored to do the same, giving Nintendo a one year head start.

It is time for Sony and Microsoft to battle it out, now the question remains: Who is going to make the next move?



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