‘EVE Online: Odyssey’ – Ship Interiors and a Fifth Playable Race, Amongst Other Things

EVE Online: Odyssey is another expansion dated to arrive June 4th this year. As announced yesterday through a tweet from the official EVE Online Twitter feed linking to a sneak peak video of Odyssey’s development.

Amongst other things, the two features that stuck out the most are the facts that there will be ship interiors and a fifth playable race.

First off, ship Interiors. For the longest time (until recently) EVE Online has always been about the ship. If I remember correctly from the game’s lore, the pilot – the player – is encased inside a capsule — or “pod”. From inside this pod, the pilot is connected to their ship directly, and is able control all the ship’s functions.

With the inclusion of ship interiors, that implies that players will be able to leave their pods whilst still inside the ship. The closest thing there is to that is the feature where players can leave their pods and walk around in their captain’s cabin.

Of course, players could see the inside of their ships while they’re docked in a station by walking up to it somehow, pressing a fancy button, letting a loading screen pass, and then fading into the inside of the ship. I can understand how that could be pulled off when docked.

Now, what would be interesting is if players could exit into the inside of their ships whilst still in space. I can image how romantic that could be: looking out a viewport as your ship passes by a pretty nebula on autopilot, feeling further immersed imto the EVE Online universe, watching other ships pass by. I look forward to try out this feature.

Secondly, the fifth playable race. According to the video, this fifth race will be aimed more towards new players. This is quite exciting, because I’m taking it to mean that there will be a possible tidal wave of new ships from all classes, each with their own roles, sizes, shapes amd looks.

I don’t believe them to be Jovians, because they’re a race that’s far more technologically advanced than the others, there being 5 in total — technically 6 now. The Jovians aren’t playable, and are there primarily for lore reasons, I think. If they were to be the fifth playable race, and they were to be new-player friendly, it would put the other races at a disadvantage because of how advanced they are. Unless CCP conjure a lore reason which will explain how the other four races can match up to the Jovians, I doubt EVE Online’s next racial addition will be Jovian.

What am I to say, though? You can go check out Odyssey’s additions to EVE Online yourself over on the expansion’s features page. I wish CCP all the best with Odyssey, and I can’t wait to see what new things the expansion will bring to the universe of EVE Online.

Chirps to the official EVE Online Twitter feed. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Does the author yet realize this was an April fools joke?

  2. Wow, I cannot believe there is someone in the world this stupid. If it’s April 1st, you must ALWAYS assume any revealed information on something is a joke. You being a blogger, how the hell did you not see that coming? Though I bet you are going to come forward and say you were only playing along…….I highly doubt it. After all, what did you think was going on when they were making jokes about the “research” into the interior part?