Battlefield 4 Was Running At 3K Resolution and 60fps At The Reveal Event


Following the stunning reveal of the next installment to the popular Battlefield franchise, which will be taking on the name of Battlefield 4, many fans became interested in exactly what type of performance and hardware this upcoming title was running on. Thankfully, DICE has come forward to provide a few details on the technology that was used to display this title at the reveal event.


Pointed out by GamingBolt on March 30, DICE revealed that Battlefield 4 was actually running at an impressive 3K resolution, while maintaining 60 frames per second, at the initial showing. As for the type of hardware that it was running on, earlier it was confirmed that the title was running on a AMD 7990 GPU.


“It was a decent PC, yes. But you can still buy it, so it’s not like alien technology or anything. It’s still a PC that you can buy and it’s still unoptimised code. Another thing that you might not have realised is that we ran it at 3K resolution at 60fps, and you don’t do that. Nobody talked about pixels because at that size you couldn’t see them.”


As stated above, this title is still running on unoptimized code. Once Battlefield 4 reaches its final stages of development, and DICE is able to optimize this title, it should be very interesting to see what type of performance is achieved once this Battlefield 4 hits store shelves later this Fall.

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