Battlefield 4 promotional poster leak reveals release window and pre-order bonus

With the much-anticipated reveal for Battlefield 4 scheduled to take place later today at the official Battlefield meeting put forward by EA, many fans are looking forward to what the next installation to the series will have to offer. Surprisingly, we have now received the first bit of information for Battlefield 4 in the form of a promotional poster leak.


As can be seen above, thanks to PixelEnemy, we have acquired a photo of a promotional poster for Battlefield 4. This image reveals two very important details for this upcoming title. First, it appears that EA will be supplying to pre-order customers with a real set of Battlefield 4 dog-tags.


In addition to this, the the bottom of this post reveals that this title is scheduled for a launch window in the fall of 2013. If this turns out to be true, fans will be able to get their hands on this title prior to initially anticipated.


Nevertheless, fans should look forward to the official event that is set to take place later today.

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One comment

  1. The 17 minute gameplay trailer was both tense and hilarious. You kinda have to look at it with a flippant mindset to appreciate it like that.

    Honestly, simply dusting off after AN ENTIRE BUILDING COLLAPSES ON TOP OF YOU just screams, “Ee’yup, another day in the field.” *Brushes shoulder*.

    Also, the helicopter take-out was the best thing out of the whole trailer, “I’m suspended out of a car going 60, and I’m about to take out an attack chopper with a well-placed grenade launch – thank goodness for slow motion!”

    *Sigh* Yup. I might get this game, and document all the things I think are funny, and score the game based on them. That is, assuming, I haven’t made up my mind about boycotting it in the meantime.